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Constituents by Preferences Report

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      Alvaro, Nancykozmo49ers@gmail.comRegistrationQuestionsMy sister n law was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer. Trying to research as munch information as possible! Thank you, Nancy
      Alvaro, Nancykozmo49ers@gmail.comRegistrationSuggestions
      Andrews, Josettecasaandrews@sbcglobal.netRegistrationQuestionsMy father was just diagnosed with Stage IIA stomach cancer. Cannot find any information on trying to find the right oncologist/treatment.
      Andrews, Josettecasaandrews@sbcglobal.netRegistrationSuggestions
      Cammarata, Margaretcancersucks2013.mc@gmail.comRegistrationQuestions
      Cammarata, Margaretcancersucks2013.mc@gmail.comRegistrationSuggestionsI found this searching the web
      Carballo, Adanadan@oakgraphix.comContact SourceGreen Group
      celentano, dawnfloridawn720@yahoo.comRegistrationQuestionsjust discovered stage 4 stomach cancer. Will be getting chemo. Any ideas of complementary vitamins that are helpful or survivorship ideas. Two kids age 16 and 12. Need to be there for them.
      celentano, dawnfloridawn720@yahoo.comRegistrationSuggestionsany suggestions of how tp be positive would be helpful.
      Denny, Arlineadenny5@mindspring.comRegistrationQuestionsI have Stage 4 Stomach Cancer with Peritoneal metastasis. I would like to talk with others with condition to the effectiveness of their treatments. Has anyone had a gastrectomy with HIPEC? Results, effect on quality of life, longevity?
      Denny, Arlineadenny5@mindspring.comRegistrationSuggestions
      Fenner, Jamesjfenner105@gmail.comRegistrationQuestionsGreat website. Thank you.
      Fenner, Jamesjfenner105@gmail.comRegistrationSuggestions
      Figueredo, Carolinac.figueredo@med.miami.eduRegistrationQuestions
      Figueredo, Carolinac.figueredo@med.miami.eduRegistrationSuggestionsI'm the site disease Nurse Navigator for patients with Stomach and Esophageal Cancers at the University of Miami
      Folh, Ulisesufolh1@gmail.comRegistrationQuestions
      Folh, Ulisesufolh1@gmail.comRegistrationSuggestions
      Garrison, Sandraalessandra.garrison@gmail.comRegistrationQuestionsMy mom was recently diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. She is 80 years old. My sister and I are her caretakers and we are trying to find information and support to help us through this difficult time.
      Garrison, Sandraalessandra.garrison@gmail.comRegistrationSuggestions
      Gray, Jenniferjgray@houston.k12.ms.usRegistrationQuestionsMy dad has recently been diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer, and I am looking for information to guide us along. He had no prior symptoms, but cancer was detected during emergency surgery to treat a spleenic artery anneurisym(sp).

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