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How many other people have stomach cancer and are diagnosed each year?

Stomach cancer is one of many different types of cancer that an individual can be affected with. It is also one of the most serious of all of the cancers, although it is not as common as some of the other types of cancers that are out there. If you are concerned about stomach cancer, then understanding stomach cancer, the people that are getting it, and the number of people that are being diagnosed with it each year can help you greatly.

The Statistics of Stomach Cancer: Be in the Know

According to the American Cancer Society there are around 21,650 new cases of stomach cancer diagnosed every year in the United States. Of those people there are around 11,000 deaths each year.

Who Does stomach Cancer Affect?

Stomach cancer is a disease that can affect anyone, although it is more commonly seen in older adults. It is estimated that two out of three people who develop stomach cancer are older than 65 years of age. The risk of developing this kind of cancer is rare and it is a risk of about 1 in 116. Usually the sign and symptoms of stomach cancer are similar to other types of diseases and conditions. Men are more susceptible to stomach cancer than women but this is not to say that women are not also affected.

Other Parts of the World

According to the American Cancer Society this particular type of cancer is more commonly seen in other countries, besides the USA. While it was once the leading cause of cancer related deaths in the United States, technology and improvements in the medical field have changed things so this is no longer the case.

If you have Stomach Cancer

There are several things that you should do if you feel that you have cancer. Of course, making an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible is something that you should do. The doctor can perform a full evaluation and if necessary, further testing. An oncologist will be the doctor who you see regularly if it is determined that you do have stomach cancer. If caught early enough, there are many things that can be done for treatment including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  If caught later, the options may be different.  Ask your doctor!

Be sure that you take the time to look for the right doctor if you have stomach cancer. There is plenty of research that you can do to find the doctor who will be best for your treatment. Taking this time will ensure that you are able to receive the best treatment possible.

The good news is that the risk of stomach cancer is lower than other types and many technological improvements are ensuring that help is available when it is needed. There is help and there is hope if you have stomach cancer.

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