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Debbie's Dream Foundation: Curing Stomach Cancer is dedicated to raising awareness about stomach cancer, advancing funding for research, and providing education and support internationally to patients, families, and caregivers. DDF seeks as its ultimate goal to make the cure for stomach cancer a reality. Visit our Contact Us Page
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Clinicals Trials - Explained

Clinical trials are the primary means by which new cancer treatments are developed, tested, and approved for use. Most stomach (gastric) cancer patients are diagnosed at advanced stages, so treatment is difficult and complex. Therefore, clinical trials for new drugs are essential. Currently, numerous trials are underway in cancer centers across the country and the world, directed at improving the treatment and outcomes for stomach, esophageal, and GE junction cancer patients at all stages. Every patient diagnosed with these diseases should ask about clinical trials and should be treated in a facility which participates in research studies. While not every patient will end up enrolling in a trial, it is critical to be aware of the importance of these studies in advancing the treatment for stomach, esophageal, and GE junction cancer and to have access to an appropriate trial if needed.

CLINICAL TRIALS MATCHING SERVICE & INFORMATION for Stomach/Gastric, Esophageal, and GE Junction Cancer

Debbie's Dream Foundation: Curing Stomach Cancer has partnered with EmergingMed to provide free clinical trial matching services to stomach, esophageal, and GE junction cancer patients, family members, and caregivers.  For more information on clinical trials and to find clinical trials, simply click on the button below.

Debbie's Dream Foundation: Curing Stomach Cancer ("DDF") is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or other health care services. Debbie's Dream Foundation staff cannot answer medical questions or provide treatment recommendations. DDF may provide information to you about physicians, products, services, clinical trials or treatments related to stomach cancer, but DDF does not recommend nor endorse any particular health care resource. You are advised to direct all medical questions to your health care professionals and to freely seek other opinions.  In addition, please note that personal information you provide to DDF during telephone and/or email communications are kept highly confidential and it may be stored and used to help DDF achieve its mission of assisting patients with, and finding cures and treatments for, stomach cancer. Stored constituent information may be used to inform DDF programs and activities. Information also may be provided in aggregate or limited formats to third parties to guide future stomach cancer research and treatment efforts. DDF will not provide personal directly identifying information (such as your name or contact information) to such third parties without your prior written consent unless required or permitted by law to do so.

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