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Debbie's Dream Foundation: Curing Stomach Cancer is dedicated to raising awareness about stomach cancer, advancing funding for research, and providing education and support internationally to patients, families, and caregivers. DDF seeks as its ultimate goal to make the cure for stomach cancer a reality. Visit our Contact Us Page
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Advocacy - Lend Your Voice To The Fight

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Advocate for Stomach Cancer Patients
Advocate For Increased Federal Funding For Research

You can help get increased federal funding for stomach cancer research by contacting your elected officials.  We at Debbie's Dream Foundation are bringing attention to the lack of research funding for stomach cancer and to raise awareness about the disease.  Be the voice for stomach cancer patients who can't speak for themselves!

2014 Capitol Hill Advocacy Day

Debbie's Dream Foundation: Curing Stomach Cancer held the second Stomach Cancer Capitol Hill Advocay Day in February 2014.  Fifty seven advocates from sixteen states and Canada attended over seventy meetings on the hill which educated legislators about the need for stomach cancer to be a higher funding priority.

2013 Capitol Hill Advocacy Day

Debbie's Dream Foundation: Curing Stomach Cancer held the first ever Stomach Cancer Capitol Hill Advocay Day in May 2013.  Thirty advocates from sixteen states and Canada attended 61 meetings on the hill which educated legislators about stomach cancer and resulted in a letter from 39 Representatives in the US House and a letter from 5 US Senators to the National Cancer Institute urging that stomach cancer be a higher funding priority.

Click below to view the House letter.

Click below to view the Senate letter.

You can get involved with our advocay efforts by attending our next Advocacy Day.  Click here to get more details:

Advocacy - Lend Your Voice to the Fight

Most people don't know that the majority of cancer research is paid for by the federal government and that your U.S. Senators and Representatives get to decide how much is spent each year on cancer research. The decisions the federal government makes about spending levels are the biggest determinant of how much stomach cancer research is done in any given year. 
Now that you know these important facts, get involved by telling Congress exactly what you think about the importance of stomach cancer research. Keep reading to learn how you can accomplish this important step toward helping all stomach cancer patients.
Contact Your Local Officials

In order to let your elected official know how you feel about increasing funding for stomach cancer research, contact us and we will tell you who your elected official is and provide you with their contact information and sample letters and emails so you can communicate your opinions to them.  You can call us at (954) 475-1200 or email your inquiries to Admin@DebbiesDream.org.  Alternatively, you can visit the link below to find out who are your elected officials.
Connecting with Your Officials on Social Media

Its important to connect with your officials on social media.  Click on the links below to see the social media accounts for your Senators and United States House of Representative:

http://govsm.com/w/House - United States House of Representatives list

http://govsm.com/w/Senate - Senate list

Government Affairs & Advocacy Contact Information

Debbie's Dream Foundation
Government Affairs & Advocacy Office
Two South University Drive, Suite 326
Plantation, FL 33324
Toll Free Office: (855) 475-1200
Toll Free Fax: (855) 475-1201

For questions about ways to get involved or for more information, please e-mail us at Events@DebbiesDream.org.

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2015 Advocacy Day Training Webinar

We really appreciate the time you are taking away from work and your family to help us make a difference at our 3rd Annual Stomach Cancer Advocacy Day.  Listen to this webinar to prepare for this amazing experience and to make this trip easier.  Your participation can help change the course of gastric cancer research in this country.

March 4-5, 2015 - 3rd Annual Capitol Hill Advocacy Day

Debbie's Dream advocates battled snow storm conditions and traveled from all over the country to Capitol Hill to ask Congress to invest more federal resources in gastric cancer research and to again include stomach cancer as one of the cancers under the $50 million PRCRP.  Per cancer death, stomach cancer receives the least amount of federal funding of any cancer.  Advocates fought hard for the inclusion of stomach cancer with their compelling stories and data that stomach cancer is connected to the service of our country's men and women in uniform.  Inclusion of stomach cancer in the PRCRP is a significant milestone that DDF accomplished through its advocacy efforts in 2014.  If you were not able to travel to DC due to the weather conditions, or any other reason, you can still get involved.  We need you to be the voice of those who are no longer with us.  To get involved in our advocacy efforts, visit http://www.debbiesdream.org/portal/advocacy-day.

2015 Advocates Call To Action


We need your assistance in getting as many members of Congress to sign the House and Senate Department of Defense (DoD) Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program request letters and to submit our report language request for the National Cancer Institute.

The House letter closes on March 20.
The Senate letter closes Thursday, March 26.

We make it EASY by providing template letters and the DoD Sign on Letter that can be downloaded below.

Here are Step-By Step Instructions:

1.  Congressional Contact Information - Download the Tracking Chart which includes the staff email addresses of House and Senate targets.  If your Senators and/or Representatives aren't listed, please email us immediately at Events@DebbiesDream.org.  Note that the Tracking Chart includes a column of whether those members signed the 2014 Department of Defense letters.  Please email any and all congressional offices in your state.

2.  Template Letters - CLICK HERE for two template letters you can use to guide you in the drafting of your email. One is for lawmakers who signed the DoD letter last year, and one is for those who did not. When emailing with your lawmaker offices, make sure to share with them theDoD sign-on letter and the guide for staff when submitting our appropriations requests.

        - US House of Representatives - For House offices, attach the House Dear Colleague Letterand the DoD FY 2015 House Letter.

       - Senators - For US Senate offices, attach the Senate Dear Colleague Letter and the DoD FY 2015 Senate Letter.

3.  Follow-Up Phone Calls - After you send your email requests, please follow up with a phone call. Sometimes it takes multiple communications to get a response.


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